Le Petit Sportif

After school program French Immersed at Killarney Heights Public School , with a choice of  Circus, Gymnastics, Team sports, Badminton, Basket Ball  and Yoga. Mondays to Fridays from straight after school to 5 pm in school term only.

Forest Holiday Camp

A day in the bush in our local  Forest and experience the rangers adventures

La Grande Sportive

Adult Outdoor Mix & Fit in the Northern Beaches.

A weekly workout mixing cardio activities and fun new adventures.


Hatha Yoga / Vinyasa Yoga / Yin Yoga in Killarney Heights.

Indoor and Outdoor classes.


Functional movement strengthening

Stationary cardio and fitness exercises

Outdoor classes.


Focused work out on the center of the Core

Precise, isolated and  deep work and deepening the strength in the body