After school program for KPHS school students, with a choice of , Circus, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Basket Ball and team sports.

  • Everyday a different sport to offer a varied program for the taste of everyone.
  • From 3 to 5  pm , we are taking care of your child from bell ring until you come to pick them up.
  • Discovery, practice, routine and team work is what to expect in a Bilingual ambiance.

We are using the facilities around the school such as the Killarney Heights High School, the Girls Scout Hall while the duration of the construction of the new building at Killarney Heights Public School.

Class are from 3 to 5 pm. Meeting point /Pick up on the Basket Ball Court on KHPS oval.

We can do pick up from classroom at

3 to 3.15:are dedicated for Afternoon Tea, get reenergized . Escort to the Killarney Heights canteen/get change in  sports outfit

3 .15 to 3.30 :Warm up games and all the pre-collective games +Stretching.

3.30 to 4.00: Activity 1

4.00 to 4.30: Activity 2

4.30-4.45: Pack away

4.45-5 pm : get ready for parent pick up back to Primary school

What To pack for les Petits Sportifs Class

-Afternoon Tea

– A small bag with sports outfit (Short and T shirt)

-Please label all your uniform piece as we have lot’s of Lost and found every week with unmarked  uniform clothings.


Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic gymnastics is a gymnastic discipline where partnerships of gymnasts work together and perform figures consisting of gymnastic skills moves, dance with, set to music.

There are three types of routines:

  • a ‘balance’ routine where the focus is on strength and flexibility,
  • a ‘dynamic’ routine which includes throws, somersaults and catches,
  • a ‘combined’ routine which includes elements from both balance and dynamic.

Acrobatic gymnastics perform in pairs or groups (male and female) combining gymnastics elements and skills into fun, team based environment providing a great platform for building balance, coordination, strength and teamwork.

Yoga for kids

Yoga classes for children is a great way to finish the day after long hours at school.

Yoga class in a school environment can include:

  • physical postures to improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • an introductory discussion about well-being,
  • a mindfulness practice to bring awareness to the current state of the body, mind and breath,
  • games to provide opportunities for social interaction and creativity,
  • story-telling to engage the imagination and provide context and meaning to the practice,
  • breathing techniques to improve lung capacity and calm the body and mind,
  • relaxation to introduce students to meditation.

It can help participants to build confidence and deal with issues caused by the demands and pressure of daily life and provide valuable tools to assist children in navigating their individual growth and development into adulthood.

Yoga is getting very popular this days and the children just love to seat back, relax and play!


This activity is a Fun program every Wednesday with the idea of performance at the end of a Term targeting coordination, manipulation, juggling, acrobatics, balancing with a variety of circus equipment, music, group & individual performance including Clowning and Drama.

Artistic side such as dance/ drama
This is a perfect combo for little one who need more confidence, action and developing motricity skills in a Fun way.

The coach is French and the class is led in Bilingual.


This activity is a Fun program with the idea of playing with an opponent and develop our fine motor skills and are eye/Hand coordination.

Easier than Tennis this activity is a lot of fun because the equipment is light and the court is small.

Rain or shine, we will be able to enjoy some fun pack actions in an indoor gym at the High School.

The coach is French and the class is led in Bilingual.

Team Sports

This activity is a Fun program  with the idea of playing within a team.

Team sport are practiced between opposing teams, where the players interact directly and simultaneously between them to achieve an objective. The objective generally involves teammates facilitating the movement of a ball or similar object in accordance with a set of rules, in order to score points.

Those actions and strategies are transferable from one to the other team sports that’s why I think it’s nice to offer a variety of sports in this class.

Actions: Throwing, catching, aiming, kicking, scoring.

Strategies& tactics: Defense, Mid-field, Goal keeper, attackers

Sports practices: Soccer/ Rugby/ Frisbee/Basket Ball/ Volley Ball/Baseball/ Hockey and many more..It is a wide variety to give children the opportunity to have a taste of different sports, learning rules and teach them Sportsmanship and Fair play too

Rain or shine, we will be able to enjoy some fun pack actions in an indoor gym at the High School.

The coach is French and the class is led in Bilingual.


  • Playing basketball at a young age teaches kids what it means to be a good team player. As an interactive, social sport, kids learn to communicate with one another and strive towards a common goal together.
  • Through both winning and losing a game of basketball, kids are taught what good sportsmanship looks like, and how to be respectful to opponents. There will be instances in their life when they must compete with other people and playing team sports allows kids to understand the importance of humility.
  • During a game of basketball essential motor skills are continuously used. Playing requires balance, endurance and coordination, and kids can learn how their body moves. The more active kids are, the more resilient they will psychically be. It also teaches them about injury prevention through training warming up, stretching and cooling down.
  • As a very social sport, playing basketball helps kids develop their communication and social skills. They learn how to talk to others, make new friends and it gives them an understanding of the different abilities of other people.
  • Most importantly through playing basketball kids learn that being active is fun. This lesson is crucial to their physical, mental and emotional health and the earlier they associate exercise with enjoyment, they are more likely to remain active throughout their life.