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Hatha Yoga /Vinyasa Yoga /Yin Yoga in Killarney Heights

Feel like you are escaping your hectic schedule and focus on strengthening and stretching your body.
This yoga classe are a mixture of energizing and relaxing, a combination between pushing and surrendering, controlling and letting go.

Practice in your local Vibe Dance Studio on Tramore place with traffic, parking and stress free.

No need to book ahead, feel free to come whenever. There will always a place for you to roll your mat out in our beautiful Yogi & Yogini community.

“Free your body and free your mind”

You can find all you need at Les Sportifs … to serves your best interest and what you really need
Push, control, tone, sweat, repeat…
Let go, relax, surrender, breath…
We’ve got you cover!

Yoga/ Gentle Yoga/ Meditation -Wednesdays 7.30 pm & Friday 6.30 am

Power Vinyasa Yoga- Wednesdays 7.30 pm

Pilates Mat – Thursdays  6 pm/ Fridays 9.30 am


From river view, beach side, to leafy tree environment, experience the ultra sensory outdoor Yoga in secrets scenic places in the Northern Beaches.Practicing yoga outside of the 4 corners of a studio can transform a stagnant routine into a vibrant practice into the wild.

Visualize the sun rising, hear the oceanic sound, view the nature, listen the birds chanting, smell the earth & the iodine from the sea,It’s the best time to awakened your 5 senses while you practice yoga.Recharge before your day start and feel energized all day long, This is a time for yourself, increasing your Oxygen intake and taking your Vitamin D daily dose.
Join us on a FRIDAY from 6.30 to 7.15 AM ( Location TBC every week- Please inquire)

Feel good chemicals and replenished energy provided by outdoor practice GUARANTEED


Let’s take our Yoga practice outside this season…

1st Friday of the Month: Yoga by the River (location is down Roseville Bridge at the Boat Ramp)

2nd Friday of the Month: Yoga by the Park (location is down Forestville Park at the end of Currie Road)

3rd Friday of the Month: Yoga by the Forest (location is down Killarney Heights at the end of Starkey St)

4th Friday of the Month : Yoga by the Beach (location is Dee Why Cliff Reserve on top of the rock-pool)

45 min of Gentle Vinyasa Flow Yoga from 6.30 to 7.15 am

What element is yours? Water? Greenery? Quiet river? Leafy tree and birds singing?Experience the ultra sensory Yoga practice and feel amazing after that ! Start the day right!

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